Welcome To Stouffer

Welcome to the Stouffer family!

Take a moment to check out all the fun, exciting, and educational things happening in Stouffer College House. This website is filled with info about the goings on at Stouffer from the detailed minutes of our house council, Steering, to the terrific programs and traditions that shape our community. Yet, the very best thing about Stouffer is the people. Here is what a few of our residents had to say about Stouffer in our House Survey.

"While the house I grew up in with my parents was nice, the awesome people (students, GAs, and senior staff) make me feel that Stouffer and Penn as whole is my true 'home.'"

"Everyone is like family. There are so many events going on and I really like the communal aspect of Stouffer."

"A lot of the residents actually seem to have some sort of vested interest or passion in the things that Stouffer does. For example, I remember last year how the Power Down Challenge wasn't taken seriously... in the Quad. But this year in Stouffer, I saw people take stairs all the time. Little things like these make me appreciate the community as a whole. I also know that Stouffer people do take the College House Cup seriously. A lot of students on campus usually display apathy whenever these kinds of matters are raised, but Stouffer doesn't. That's pretty dope."

"I love our GA's! They hold awesome events and they give great advice about the future. They are all very friendly and approachable too."

"During my time here, all of the other Graduate Associates have been helpful. They've promoted several activities and offered many opportunities for us to connect as a house, which is really nice."

"[The senior staff] are absolutely amazing people who make Stouffer the greatest community to live in at Penn. They are the reason I want to live in Stouffer for the rest of my time here and they have profoundly impacted my life and positively shaped my time at Penn."

If you still aren't sure about Stouffer, our motto says it all, "Nothing Comes Closer to Home."

Amanda Atkinson
House Dean


Stouffer Alumni Listserv

If you spent any time in Stouffer during your time at Penn--from 1 semester to all 4 years--you are invited to join our Alumni Listserv. Just click here and fill out the form.

New to Penn - Join us in Stouffer!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Penn! You've worked hard to get here, and we're looking forward to seeing you this fall. We in Stouffer hope you'll consider moving to our wonderful community. We've got singles, doubles, and triples to offer you. Take a tour of our room spaces here.

We're looking for a few good Graduate Associates!

Are you an incoming or current graduate student here at Penn? Are you looking for a way to connect with the University beyond your classes? Do you enjoy mentoring younger students? Consider applying to be a graduate associate in Stouffer College House. Applications are open and available here. As you consider applying, browse around on our website to get a feel for what life is like in our College House.