Senior Staff

The Senior Staff is comprised of University faculty and administrive staff members who ensure the smooth functioning of Stouffer College House. They coordinate the activities of the graduate associate and the many other organizers in the House. Additionally, the Senior Staff bears the formal responsibility of advocating for the House with other departments of the University.

Faculty Director of Stouffer College House - Phil Nichols

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Phil Nichols
Faculty Director of Stouffer College House

Phil Nichols is a member of the faculty of the legal studies department. He teaches courses and does research on emerging economies; nations that are going through a great deal of change. The thing he enjoys most in life is his family, with Stouffer College House a close second; he also manages to travel a fair bit. He grew up on a farm in Oregon and lived in several other places before coming to Penn.

House Dean - Nadir Sharif

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Nadir Sharif
House Dean

Associate Faculty Director - Amy Nichols

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Amy Nichols
Associate Faculty Director

Amy Nichols grew up in McLean, Virginia and completed her undergraduate degree at Duke University and her M.B.A at Georgetown. She finished her Master’s in Education in 2005. When she isn’t busy working, she is usually busy driving the kids to and from school and other activities. Amy enjoys watching “futbol” talking with Stouffer Residents, movies, and tall professors from the Pacific Northwest.

College House Fellow - Juan Jiménez

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Juan Jiménez
College House Fellow

Juan grew up in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. In order to experience the diametric climatic opposite of the tropics, Juan attended Michigan State University (MSU) in the frigid Midwest USA and earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating from MSU, Juan enrolled at Princeton University in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and earned an M.S. and a Ph. D. His thesis and dissertation research focused on the characterization of the wake of submarines at high Reynolds numbers. Parts of his undergraduate and graduate careers were pursued at Taganrog State University in Russia and Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He is presently a Research Associate at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPENN studying how the characteristics of blood flow in the cardiovascular system can lead to the development of atherosclerosis.  Juan enjoys combining photography with traveling to exotic corners of our planet due to his love of the outdoors. Some of his recent travels have taken him to climb the “Roof of Africa” – Mt. Kilimanjaro and Colorado’s most famous peak – Pikes Peak, hiking the Inca trail to reach the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, exploring the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, and reaching Europe’s tallest waterfall – Gavarnie Falls.

Associate Fellow - Melissa Sanchez

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Melissa Sanchez
Associate Fellow

Melissa was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where most of her family still lives. She earned a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University and decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and research. Subsequently, she moved to Philadelphia where she earned a Veterinary Medicine Doctorate (VMD) and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from UPenn. Her thesis research focused on the immune response after West Nile virus infection in animals. She is currently an Anatomic Pathologist at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UPENN.  She loves animals, the outdoors, the beach, and warm weather, as well as traveling around the world with Juan, her husband. Some of her traveling goals include visiting all the National Parks in the USA, as well as ancient cities throughout the world. She also loves to chat so stop by anytime you need a break!

College House Fellow - Jean-Christophe Cloutier

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Jean-Christophe Cloutier
College House Fellow

Jean-Christophe—“JC” for short—is a human emergent from the Québécois tribe, born and raised in the North. House words: "Je me souviens that winter is coming." Languages spoken and understood: French and English. Father to wee human, name of Aimée (pronounced “M-A”), on this planet for 15 Terran months as of this writing. Husband to mesmerizing supernatural human, name of Beth. Stationed in the Department of English; teaches literature, comics, film, and archival research methods to humans (possibly cylons) and hobbits, time permitting. Also works as a translator. His lair is located on the 7th floor, Mayer Hall, just past the wyvern.

Associate Fellow - Beth Blum

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Beth Blum
Associate Fellow

Beth is a postdoctoral fellow in the English department at Penn, where she also received her PhD. Her academic focus is modern and contemporary literature, and she writes occasional general-interest pieces for popular publications. When she is not working, she can be found chasing after her toddler, Aimée, who loves to meet Penn students, and, like a true Stoufferite, will never turn down free food! 

House Coordinator - Colleen Cacace

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Colleen Cacace
House Coordinator

Colleen Cacace is a Floridian by birth, but thankfully she, her dog(Edgar), and her husband(Jose), moved to the wonderous Philadelphia right before several massive blizzards in 2010. Since then she's attended pastry school, worked in pastry, left pastry, and found a welcoming new environment here at Penn. Some of her hobbies include knitting, furniture building, hatmaking, cooking, binge watching Game of Thrones, cheesemaking, fermenting things, sewing, sausage making, but most of all learning. She's super stoked to be working at Stouffer and is a bit jealous of the college experience that Stouffer provides. PLEASE drop by the House Office (D Section Stouffer) and chat with her. You make her job fun.