Steering is the soul of the Stouffer community. Steering is Stouffer’s governing body, comprised of 24 students (two representatives from each floor/section), the House Dean and Faculty Director. While these are the "officials" of steering, ALL residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. Steering funds and approves all resident led events. This means that ANY interested resident can run or request events, making Stouffer truly student directed. If you want an EDM dance party, a whiffle ball competition, a spelling bee, or a slumber party, Steering is the place to bring your plans.

Steering is comprised of students representing each section and floor of Stouffer College House. Steering happens every Tuesday evening in the Mayer Seminar Room to decide on various purchases for the House, as well as to sanction the approval or disapproval of funds for various staff - or student - initiated events. The Steering funds are intended to better the experience of every Stouffer resident, and all are welcome to come to the meetings to observe what activities are being planned or propose one's own events. Please look to this site for recaps of Steering meetings to be informed about future events that will be going on in Stouffer College House.


The Steering committee is made up of two representatives from each floor or section in addition to an alternative member. The committee itself is led by a five-person Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Stouffer Alumni Laison and those positions are filled at the first meeting of each semester. Anybody can choose to run for office, regardless of class year or semesters on Steering!

Getting Involved

If you're interested in getting involved in Steering, floor/section representatives are selected at the first-floor meeting of each semester. Each section is allowed to have two reps plus an alternative. Even if you're not selected as a rep, you can still attend the meeting each week!

Spring 2020 Executive Board Members

President: Patrick Glennan
Vice President: Adam Kimmel
Secretary: Quinn Gruber
Treasurer: Arnav Lal
Alumni Liaison:  Chidi Nwogbaga (serves for full calendar year)

Fall 2019 Executive Board Members

President: Renan Muta
Vice President: Adam Kimmel
Secretary: Emma Arsekin
Treasurer: Patrick Glennan
Alumni Liaison:  Bala Thenappan (serves for full calendar year)

Spring 2019 Executive Board Members

President: Renan Muta
Vice President: Hong Nguyen
Secretary: Emma Arsekin
Treasurer: Patrick Glennan
Alumni Liaison:  Bala Thenappan (serves for full calendar year)

Fall 2018 Executive Board Members

President: Justin Greenman
Vice President: Mira Shetty
Secretary: Emma Arsekin
Treasurer: Hong Nguyen
Alumni Liaison:  Silvia Ayala (serves for full calendar year)

Spring 2018 Executive Board Members

President: Michael Bartholf
Vice President: Eliza Halpin
Secretary: Justin Greenman
Treasurer: Esther Guan
Alumni Liaison:  Silvia Ayala (serves for full calendar year)

Fall 2017 Executive Board Members

President: Nicolo Marzaro
Vice President: Michael Bartholf
Secretary: Eliza Halpin
Treasurer: Amaris Christmas
Alumni Liaison:  Indeara Cogdell (serves for full calendar year)

Spring 2016 Executive Board Members

President: Matt Lesser
Vice President: Chantelle La Marr
Secretary: Chris Thompson
Treasurer: Tessa Goodine
Alumni Liaison:  Joselyn Calderon (serves for full calendar year)

Fall 2015 Executive Board Members

President: Matt Lesser
Vice President: Chantelle La Marr
Secretary: John Kinsella
Treasurer: Carlos Price-Sanchez
Alumni Liaison:  Joselyn Calderon (Interim Liaison)

Spring 2015 Executive Board Members

President: Laura Doherty
Vice President: Matt Lesser
Secretary: Chris Thompson
Treasurer: Chantelle La Marr
Alumni Liaison:  Adam Mansell (serves for full calendar year)

Fall 2014 Executive Board Members

President: Paul Marett
Vice President: Peter Moon
Secretary: Chantelle La Marr
Treasurer: Matt Lesser
Alumni Liaison: Martin Puchacz

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