College House Computing

Computer Lab Locations:

Mayer Lab: First Floor, Mayer, by entrance gate.

Stouffer Lab: Stouffer 171F

Both labs are "Partial Service Labs," so they are open to residents 24 hours a day but are only staffed at certain times of the day (see below).

Each lab has 6 PCs and 1 Mac. They are loaded with any and all programs you might need for all of your academic needs. Stouffer Lab also has a scanner.

Both labs have black and white printing capabilities. Printing costs $0.07 ($0.05 for double-sided) a page and is paid for PennCash only. Scanning is free. If you need to add PennCash to your PennCard, please visit Penn Cash Online.

Mayer Computer Lab

Stouffer Computer Lab


Information Technology Advisors (ITAs) are students residing in Stouffer. ITAs staff the computing lab and also help residents with computer problems. ITAs are supported by a full-time professional staff.  ITAs will be available in the computer labs Sunday through Thursday evenings from 8PM to 12AM to assist residents.  

Assistance is free, and you can submit a request online here and an ITA will set up an appointment.