Stouffer Transfer Community

Stouffer College House is proud to be home to a community of transfer students! The community, a result of collaboration between the College Houses and Penn Transfer Student Organization, allows incoming transfer students to live in proximity to each other. Transfer students living in Stouffer College House can quickly become part of a vibrant community of students comprised of each class year. Staff in Stouffer create specific programs to help transfer students become acquainted with Penn's social and academic environment. Meanwhile, a broad range of house activities allow incoming transfer students to quickly shed the "transfer" label and become one with the house. 

As you plan your transition to Penn, here are some things that will help you become more familiar with your future home! 

  • Stouffer College House is a small (ish) community with residents from all class years. It includes two physical buildings: Stouffer Hall and Mayer Hall. Transfer students are housed in Mayer Hall which consists of apartment-styled housing. Each housing unit has a bedroom for two students, a living room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. Some floors in Mayer Hall offer additional amenities including study lounges, a game room, and even a small gym! 
  • Incoming transfer students live among other Penn students, many of whom are returning to Stouffer College House. The community set up allows you to choose your level of engagement. You can be a part of as many activities as you wish, and can also choose to focus on your academics. 
  • Stouffer College House has an impressive record in the College House Cup. The Cup has so far consisted primarily of intramural activities, and Stouffer has won the House Cup in all but two years! So if you love playing sports (regardless of your skill level), you are in luck! 
  • Stouffer, like other College Houses, has faculty and staff who live in the community. They host many fun programs in their respective apartments and are available to chat about many (or any) aspects of college life. 
  • Our house is governed by a body called Steering. Steering is a great way to get involved in house activities and bring your own interests and ideas to life in the community. You can attend steering as a resident, volunteer to represent your floor, or run for elected office! The possibilities with Steering are as limitless as our budget can allow them to be :) 
  • In addition to the four senior staff members (a Faculty Director, two House Fellows, and a House Dean) our staff includes ten amazing Graduate Associates. These wonderful humans come to us from all walks of life and are pursuing their academic goals in different fields. They are not only lots of fun to hang out with, but can also be great mentors as you plot your academic career. 
  • Finally - if you have not already checked out our social media presence, please head over to and see how fun living in Stouffer College House is :)