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A Conversation on Racism - Considerations on Thanksgiving and "American" Politics


Join GA Jax for a facilitated conversation about racism in the week leading to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often framed as a time to be thankful for the bounty we all have. However, the roots of this holiday lay in the strained history of the United States. In this conversation, we will explore the ways that Native Americans are erased from our culture in the context of Thanksgiving, as well as more generally. Come to learn more about this history if you aren't familiar, or to join a conversation about navigating anti-Indigenous racism in the contemporary context. 


Jax identifies as white and doesn't position themselves as an expert on this topic. However, they are invested in anti-racism politics, and hope to be able to create a space where Stoufferites (including them!) can learn more about these issues.


Saturday November 17th, 2018 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Stouffer Seminar Room

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