Amber Williams

House Director
Mayer Hall

Amber is a Philadelphia native and has lived in London, New York City, and San Diego. Amber loves to have fun, eat good food, listen to quality music, podcast, casually watch sports and travel (which they are excited to do more freely again). They live in Mayer Hall with their partner Liz (also a Philly native, and licensed esthetician), who you will get to meet and connect with as a resident of the College House.

Amber holds a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary and Special Education and a Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership. They are currently in an EdD program at Johns Hopkins specializing in Urban Leadership. They most recently worked at Villanova University as an Area Coordinator for Residence Management and an Adjunct Professor in the Communications department.

Amber's signature programs for the house meet at the intersection of wellness and fun. Look out for advertisements for programs such as pro-sports games, mindfulness activities, trips to restaurants, and getting active yourself through a game of HORSE or rock climbing at Pottruck.