Park Sinchaisri

Graduate Associate
2nd Floor Stouffer-Mayer

Park is an avid foodie from Bangkok, Thailand, who wants to live in a world filled with spicy food, good optimization, and board games that come bundled with bubble tea. In his free time, he is a fifth-year doctoral student at Wharton studying Operations, Information, and Decisions. Park studied Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics-Economics at Brown (he also learned Egyptian hieroglyphics there) and earned an SM in Computational Science and Engineering from MIT. He has worked in software development, investment banking, and management consulting and volunteered for an education/leadership outreach. At Wharton, Park hopes to blend mathematical optimization with behavioral science to develop tools to improve human decision-making and design new systems that work for everyone. His current projects look at ride-sharing drivers, online crowd-workers, shoe stores, and block parties in Philadelphia.

When not wrestling with everyday-life optimization, Park can almost surely be found chugging honey oolong milk tea (with boba) while searching for new food spots, listening to podcasts, learning new hobbies, or envisioning his future TV shows. He enjoys traveling and photography and hopes you will join him in exploring more of Philly (definitely with food).

Park is super excited to return to Stouffer this year and get to know all of you. He plans to bring back many of his Stouffer events including Operations Management is Great and Bubble Tea Study Break. Chat with him about anything, teach him whatever you’re passionate about, or try new board games/food together! Swing by his apartment at Mayer 207 and say hello!