Staff Hiring

Interested in being a GA at the best House on campus? Read on to find out how you can become a member of our great staff!


Stouffer College House has 10 Graduate Associate positions, 5 in Stouffer Hall and 5 in Mayer Hall. We do not offer any Resident Advisor positions. We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and reliable people that are looking to be highly involved members of our bustling community. We strive to build a cohesive and diverse team of GAs that can bring something unique to our community of about 300 residents. Prior residential life experience is not required, although we are interested in candidates with transferable skills with regards to leadership, activity organizing, and campus involvement. Please browse our website to find out more about the Stouffer Community and to learn more about student life here.

Application Process

Upon receipt of your Application, Letter of Application, and Resume, our GA Interview Committee will review your file. The Committee consists of current and returning students, GAs, and Senior Staff including the House Dean.

If the Committee would like to interview a candidate based on their application, the House Coordinator will contact them via the e-mail listed on their application. We find it more beneficial to meet candidates in person; however, we will offer phone interviews in certain situations. We do not have a budget for travel expenditures.

If offered an interview, candidates will have the opportunity to meet members of the Interview Committee, and time permitting, a tour of our facilities.

The Interview Committee will meet several times throughout the spring semester to review interviewed candidates. Contact the House Coordinator with questions regarding our timeline. The Interview Committee will make recommendations to the House Dean on whether or not the candidate would make a positive addition to our community. Candidates may be invited to return for a more informal meeting, usually dinner, or a regularly occurring event such as Wednesday Night Cookies.

The House Coordinator or House Dean will contact the candidate with decisions, usually within two weeks of your interview. We do maintain a wait list. As our needs become clearer we will make more final decisions. If a position is offered, it is an offer for either Stouffer Hall or Mayer Hall. Room assignments are not made until the entire staff is finalized.