Stouffer College House Cup

Starting in the 2023-2024 Academic Year, Stouffer College House will be initiating a new internal house cup. Formerly, Stouffer took great pride in participating and winning a college house cup that featured all the college houses (see more on the About Stouffer page).

Due to the disbandment of this event in 2020, we have decided to create a new version of the event to bring in some friendly competition.

Teams will be composed of different floors and sections between the two buildings. See the list below to see what team your room is on. Events will range from academic to athletics. Each participant can check in with the program host at the program that they attend. At the end of the year the winning team (team with the residents who attended the most programs) will receive a prize.

Please be sure to be on the lookout for more information to come. 

Yellow Team: Mayer 2nd Floor, Mayer 3rd Floor, Stouffer 1st Floor East, & Stouffer 2nd Floor East 

Blue Team: Mayer 4th Floor, Mayer 5th Floor, Stouffer 1st Floor Central, & Stouffer 2nd Floor Central 

Green Team: Mayer 6th Floor, Mayer 7th Floor, Stouffer 1st Floor West, & Stouffer 2nd Floor West