Selection FAQ

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Can I retain the room I am in now?
No. You may select it as your first choice preference on the Room Preference Form, and if the room type is suitable for your class year in the upcoming academic year (i.e. not a freshmen room), then we will take your preference into consideration.

I am a (insert class year) that has lived in Stouffer (insert number of semesters), what are my chances of getting a 2 bedroom double or efficiency in Mayer?
We are not Vegas odds makers. The number of semesters you’ve lived in Stouffer, and what year you are determines your priority in the lottery. There are 7 efficiencies (with the potential of one being offline next year) and 10 2-bedroom doubles in the building but current residents who are not graduating are more likely to be reassigned to these room-types.

I currently live in Stouffer Hall, what is the process to get a room in Mayer Hall?
You must fill out the online registration by the deadline, then come to the Stouffer Lottery. You are not guaranteed a room in Mayer Hall.

Lottery Questions:

If I participate in the lottery is it possible to not get a room anywhere in Stouffer College House?
Probably not. Although our space is limited, it is very unlikely that someone who comes to the lottery would not get a room. It has never happened in the past.

What if I can’t attend the lottery/will be late?
You can elect to send a representative on your behalf. Please contact the House Dean by email in advance of the lottery as to who your proxy will be. Make sure it is very clear to your representative what your housing desires are. GAs and Senior Staff are not allowed to act as a proxy for residents. Once the lottery continues, there is no way to go back and “re-do” a pick.

Can I be reassigned, and still enter the lottery to see if I can get something better?
No! Once you accept your assignment, you are no longer eligible to enter the lottery. If you enter the lottery and your room is still available when it is your turn to select, then you may choose your room, but it will not be saved for you if you do not accept it as your assignment by the stated deadline.

Roommate Questions:

Do I have to sign up with a roommate?
It depends. It is STRONGLY recommended if you would like a 1BR double in Mayer to sign up with a roommate. If one is not selected, it is probable that a random assignment will be placed with you. It is MANDATORY to sign up with a roommate for a 2 BR double in Mayer. Doubles in Stouffer are reserved for incoming first year students.

Does my proposed roommate have to currently reside in Stouffer?
Definitely not! The only requirements are that they are a Penn undergraduate eligible for housing and they signed up at myhomeatpenn for Stouffer College House by the deadline. They must attend the lottery with you or you must have their signed paperwork at the time of the lottery.

How do I obtain non-gendered housing?
Both roommates must select gender-neutral housing assignment when they fill out the agreement online at myhomeatpenn.

I’m a Mayer resident who wants to stay in my double, and so does my roommate, but we do not want live together anymore … who gets the room?
If you both list the room as your first preference for reassignment, you must see the House Dean by January 23 at noon to discuss. It is likely that you will both be reassigned to new rooms with your new roommates.

I’m a Mayer resident that wants to stay in my double, but my roommate doesn’t want to, can I still stay?
Yes. However, if you do not find a roommate, a random one may be assigned to you. If you are having trouble finding a roommate, stop by the lottery and see if anybody wants to live with you, or try posting on Stouffer-Announce.

I'm a freshmen and I would like to be with a group of people from my floor/section next year.  Can you put us all together when you reassign us?
Maybe. The House Dean will do her best to fill your requests but no guarantees can be made.  It all depends on what spaces are available.

I want to get housing with my roommate, but they are going abroad in the fall/spring semester. How can I make sure I get to live with them?
The best way to ensure this is to find someone that is going to be abroad in the opposite semester as your roommate. For example, if your roommate is abroad in the fall, find someone that is going abroad in the spring. If your roommate is going abroad in the spring, and you don’t mind being assigned a random roommate, then you have nothing to worry about. You should also contact Housing at to let them know the situation. They will try to put an exchange student in with you if you cannot find a placeholder roommate.

So I filled out an agreement and have a room. Still, I might want to try my luck elsewhere to see if I can get a four bedroom quad in the High Rises or something like that. But I can keep this assignment as my safety net, right?
No. You cannot apply for another process, here or anywhere in the College House system, unless you cancel your assignment and pay the cancellation fee (in past years, this started at $250.00). If you apply for another House and do not get the room type that you want, you can try to find a space here at that time through the Housing Assignments Office, though there is a chance that we will be at full upperclass occupancy. Again, this is Housing policy, not Stouffer's idea.

I picked a great double in Mayer, but I was hoping for an efficiency, is there a waitlist?
Yes, Housing is running a waitlist for certain room types for students who picked a room during selection. You can find more info here.

More Questions? Contact the House Coordinator, Kyle Franks or House Dean, Nadir Sharif!