Getting Help

We strongly advise that residents save these contacts on their personal devices or keep them in an easily accessible location (desk, wallet, purse, backpack, etc.)

Penn Police - P: 215-573-3333 - In case of an emergency, this should always be your first call. Penn Police will respond very quickly in an emergency. Visit to learn more. 

(G)RA on Duty - P: 215-898-6827 - For urgent concerns that do not constitute an emergency, but need to be addressed immediately, you should contact the (G)RA on Duty. These include, but are not limited to: egregious noise violations or community disturbances, concern for well-being of self or others, urgent facilities concerns. You may also contact the (G)RA on Duty in cases of emergency after you have contacted the Penn Police. To contact the (G)RA on Duty, call the Information Center, explain your concern and provide your own contact information and location. The (G)RA on Duty will get in touch with you within a few minutes. 

Stouffer House Office - P: 215-573-8473 E: (link sends email)

The Stouffer House Office is a great resource. Learn more here

Stouffer (Mayer) Information Center- P: 215-898-6827

The Information Center is located right as you walk in the doors of the Mayer Lobby. This is where you can sign in guests, and check out carts, get lockout access, or get access to rooms that you have reserved. The Information Center is staffed 24/7 either by students or security guards. If you have an emergency please call Penn Police first and then, if you want, you can call the Info Center so that they can contact the GA who is on duty to let them know.  Learn more about the Information Center here

Facilities Requests- P: 215-898-7208 (emergencies only)

Need a maintenance request filled? Contact facilities through their online service request form, found here (link is external). If it is an emergency requiring urgent attention such as a water leak, use the phone number above to contact the Work Order.