Stouffer Semi-Formal

Each spring, the usually reserved Stoufferites put on their dancing shoes and "get down" in their (almost) snazziest get up. Allison Ricks and Ry Nankivel, our Special Events Managers, and crew are currently hard at work negotiating contracts, coordinating catering, and advertising for this year's event.


To get a better idea of what the Stouffer Semi-Formal is, take a look at this previous invitation:

Even with that info, you are probably still asking yourself:

Q) What should I wear?

Wear your Friday best! If you are looking for ideas, check out the pictures from last year's Semi-Formal on the Stouffer Facebook page. (P.S. Make sure to "like" us!)

Q) What kind of music will there be?

Whatever our fellow Stoufferites desire! Really though, keep your eyes peeled for an email from one of our Special Events Managers. Based on requests from years past, it will probably be music of the popular variety, as opposed to the line dancing variety. If you want line dancing though, that is cool, too...

Q) Will there be food?

Yes, of course! It will be catered, more info to come~~~

Q) Wait, where is it this year?

 This year it will be taking place in Houston Hall, Hall of Flags, making it even more accessible to all of you!!

Q) How do I RSVP/get tickets/how much are they?

FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE... That's right, this is a FREE event! So there are no tickets to get and no sign-ups necessary if you're a resident of Stouffer College House. Just show up! 

Q) How many guests can I bring?

Information pertaining to guests will be sent out soon!

Q) Are people leaving as a group? How do I get there?

Because Semi-Formal will be held in Houston Hall, Hall of Flags, we're hoping no one gets lost. Some GAs might also be leading groups over and will send an email out the day of to let you know where to meet up and at what time so that even if you're guestless, you're still sure to arrive in style.

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