To request maintenance for your room or section:

Non-Emergencies - Visit Penn Portal and click on Facilities Focus. Enter your PennKey and click on "Customer Request." Click "Insert," fill out the relevant information and then click "Save."

Emergencies - call 898-7208 at any time.

Emergencies include: floods or water overflow; clogged toilet; gas leak; oven or stove malfunction; no electricity; no heat; falling ceiling tiles; clogged trash chute; broken front door lock or key jammed; infectious or odorous spills.

With any emergency that involves a fire or a threat to the life and safety of yourself and others, call 511 from a campus phone, or (215) 573-3333 from your cell phone.

Laundry Room Problems - send an email to our Residential Service Manager with the building name and machine number.

NOTE: With your request for service, you authorize the staff of Facilities Services to enter your room at the earliest convenience, regardless of your ability to be present. A service slip will be left after each visit.