Stouffer Outdoors

You will get wet on this ride! You'll also make great friends, have fun, meet new people, and have fun (did we say that already?).

Stouffer's traditional camping trip, Stouffer Outdoors, will be Tuesday, August 20-Wednesday, August 21, although participants will need to move in on Monday, August 19 in order to attend an orientation meeting that evening and to be ready for an early departure on Tuesday morning. The trip returns around noon on Wednesday. First-year students are highly encouraged to attend and will be back to campus in plenty of time for all of the NSO activities.

Outdoors will include shared meals, whitewater rafting, spending the night in rustic cabins, and a chance to get to know your neighbors. While the House is subsidizing a great deal of the cost of the experience, we are asking that each student who attends pay a $80 fee in order to reserve a place and help cover the costs. (If the fee would cause too much of a financial burden for you, please contact about the possibility of removing this barrier to participation.) To compensate for the overall reduced cost, we ask all participants to take 2-3 move-in shifts to help fellow Stoufferites move into the House.

Registration is first come, first served. If your spot has been reserved and confirmed, please see payment options:

Pay the $80 fee. Checks can be made payable to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. The fee should be sent to:

Stouffer College House Outdoors
3702 Spruce St. MB 300
Philadelphia, PA 19104
 See you there!


To Bring
* Denotes very important items

Poncho or rain coat
Favorite snack
Medical Insurance Card*
Sleeping bag*
Sandals or shoes that stay securely on your feet to wear on the raft (no flip flops!)*
Insect repellent
Water bottle*
Cold weather clothes/something with long sleeves (it gets surprisingly cold in the woods at night – be prepared!) *
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Socks and underwear

***Check the weather before you pack!!! It has rained in the past and getting stuck with wet socks is a bummer.***

If you have any questions about what to bring, please feel free to contact the House Office at 215.573.8473.

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