Fall 2020 Information

Information for residents about Penn's fall semester and on-campus housing

For those of you learning from off-campus, fall Online/Virtual College House affiliations have been assigned. 

Your assignment may be different than the on-campus housing assignment you received from our partners in Residential Services earlier this summer. It is not a permanent housing or room assignment – just your online College House affiliation for programming and support this fall. It was important for us to maintain student-to-staff ratios for the number of first-year and upperclass students connecting to a College House virtual experience. Residential Services coordinates any on-campus housing processes and will continue to do so in the future.

For those of you with us on campus right now, your College House assignment will be the same as your current on-campus housing assignment.

We hope you enjoy the opportunities to connect with other members of the Penn community as much as we do!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources

House Office

The Stouffer College House Office is located in the D-Section of Stouffer Hall. The House Office serves as the administrative office for various aspects of residential life and programming within the College House. There is a regular staff of resident student office workers who are there to answer your questions. The phone number is (215) 573-8473.