Penn Safety PhotoYour safety is extremely important to us here in Stouffer. If we all work together, we can keep Stouffer a safe and wonderful place to live. The staff is all here to help you, and will do its best to keep you well informed of all policies and procedures regarding safety, but you play a big role too! Below are several websites you should become familiar with, as well as Stouffer's Policies on safety.

Penn Public Safety

Walking Escort Service

Penn Shuttle

Personal SafetyA little common sense is necessary in a big city - be aware of your surroundings, take advantage of the many services available to you, take appropriate precautions as you go about your daily activities. There are walking escorts and ride escorts available to you, use them! Stay in well-lit areas, and avoid walking home alone late at night. Follow all rules regarding building entry, and always swipe in. Also remember to be responsible at social engagements. Read the University's policy on Medical Amnesty, and use your GA's and House Staff as resources - we are here to help and answer questions.

If you ever feel unsafe call 511 from any campus phone, or (215) 573-3333 from your cell phone. It is a good idea to program (215) 573-3333 into your cell phone's speed dial.


Personal Property

As you would anywhere else, don't leave personal items unattended. Make sure to lock your door when you leave, and do not give your keys to anyone else. If you plan on having a bike on campus, you can (and should) register it with Public Safety.

Fire Safety

Before a fire:

  • Make sure you know where the fire alarm pull stations are and how to activate them.
  • Know where all exits are, and the different routes to them.
  • If you are not sure of any of the above, ask your GA.

If you discover a fire:

  • If the fire alarm hasn't already gone off, activate the nearest alarm pull station as quickly as you can. Go immediately to the front desk to inform the staff of the status of the fire.
  • Leave the House through the nearest accessible exit. Emergency exits are located at the bottom of each stairway in Mayer, and the entrance to each section in Stouffer.

If you hear a fire alarm:

  • Close your windows tightly. Lock your door.
  • Make sure you take your keys and PennCard with you.
  • Immediately leave the building through the nearest accessible fire exit.
  • Do not congregate in front of the building; it must be kept clear for fire and safety personnel to get through.